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Clearly defined objectives

Data-driven and clearly defined objectives.

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Quality and xecution

High quality from start to finish.

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Real results and outcomes

Performance based. Measurable. Results focused.

Digital consulting

Digital strategies built on data. No guesswork.

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What We Do

Digital consultancy

Gain full control over your marketing strategy

Eliminate the gap between your digital strategy and business model with our cutting-edge methodology. Experience the perfect blend of performance-based outcomes and regain absolute control over your digital marketing strategy. Entrust us with the management of your digital strategy, allowing you to concentrate on your core strengths.

Our Advisory services guarantee crystal-clear insights, seamless execution, and harmonious integration. Whether it's meticulously crafted strategies, comprehensive business planning, or full-scale marketing tactics, we're dedicated to elevating your business to new heights.

digital consultancy
Business intelligence (BI)

Transparency, data and business insights

Achieve absolute clarity and unwavering confidence in the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, driving significant growth for your business. Embrace the power of Business Intelligence (BI) to transform raw data into valuable business insights. Leveraging cutting-edge BI tools and services, we can swiftly access and analyze data, empowering you to make informed decisions with greater speed and intelligence.

Now is the time to gain a competitive edge in the market.Through our meticulous analysis, we offer complete transparency and genuine insights into the performance of your current marketing strategy. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that your strategy is operating at its peak potential and to assist you in maximizing your results. With our expertise in BI, you can stay ahead in the game and unlock unprecedented opportunities for your business.

business intelligence
Google Search marketing

Capture more market share and gain a competitive advantage

On an average day, people spend approximately 6 hours and 42 minutes online. By implementing well-thought-out Google Search Marketing strategies, you can position your key products and services prominently. Our tried-and-tested SEO and SEM strategies are fueled by data and executed with determination, following a scientific approach.Our methodology revolves around concrete data, eliminating any guesswork or ambiguity.

We prioritize achievable outcomes and design strategies tailored to help you secure a significant portion of the market. Our focus is on generating revenue and profitable results, giving you a commercial advantage and the ability to outshine your competitors. With our data-driven approach, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape and excel in the online market.

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how we do it

Strategic digital marketing advice

At our core, we prioritize achieving tangible business outcomes. To create a successful digital strategy, we understand the importance of clear objectives, leveraging business intelligence, and delivering top-notch production quality. While there may not be a one-size-fits-all solution, when these essential ingredients are combined with the right expertise to lead your digital strategy, you get the perfect recipe for success.

Our approach to digital strategies revolves around aligning them with your specific business model and goals—nothing else. Whether your aim is to boost revenue growth or attain more profitable outcomes, our meticulously engineered strategies are tailored to fulfill your business objectives. With our dedication to delivering results-driven strategies, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape and achieve real success for your business.

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A simple passion can lead to great things

Data & Digital was established based on a track record of achieving remarkable growth and creating strong digital footprints for businesses. With more than a decade of experience, Lester Abalos has forged a successful career in marketing and consultancy, guiding businesses to harness the true potential of digital platforms.

Throughout his extensive history in digital consultancy and managing comprehensive digital strategies, Lester's passion and expertise have played a crucial role in helping businesses gain clarity and command over their marketing efforts. The ultimate goal is to empower businesses to unlock their full potential and propel their growth to unprecedented heights. With Data & Digital's guidance, businesses can confidently navigate the digital landscape and drive their success to new heights.

Lester Abalos

"We remove the disconnect between clients' business model and digital strategy so they achieve a commercial advantage."

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My team and I enjoyed working with Lester as he is very knowledgeable with an attention to detail in regards to planning and running our SEO & SEM programs. Lester was also a key leader and contributor to the new design of our e-commerce website and his insights and project management skills made the process very easy for us.

Mark Otley, CEO

Sleep Republic

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We've never understood much about data, but Lester's helped us understand how this can be used effectively to improve our results which has made a big difference for us. He's detailed and has a great ability in understanding our business, like clarifying our objectives, identifying gaps for us to improve, all whilst managing our entire digital strategy.

Andrew Rudge, Managing Director

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