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E-commerce strategy

Under the leadership of Nadia Stamp, DIPD Nails has emerged as one of Australia's top online retailers. From its humble beginnings as a startup, the company has adopted a focused marketing strategy, propelling its success across various digital platforms, and they haven't slowed down since.

By harnessing the expertise of digital professionals, leveraging data analysis, and meticulously crafting an e-commerce strategy from scratch, DIPD Nails has achieved phenomenal results. The company has experienced an astounding 1200% increase in organic sessions and an impressive 10-fold growth in revenue.

DIPD Nails has solidified its position as a dominant force in the online dip nails market, continually thriving with a strong digital presence. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has positioned them as a market leader, making significant strides and setting new standards in the industry.

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DIPD nails case study

Website evolution

Like businesses, websites also undergo evolution and growth. Dermal Hub's journey reflects this normal and exhilarating progression, propelling them into the spotlight in the realm of lifestyle cosmetic, skin, and beauty products in Australia.

Dermal Hub's remarkable transformation in the digital space has elevated their business to new heights, driven by the development of a cutting-edge website. This website exemplifies top-notch user experience (UX) design, brand coherence, strategic vision, and impeccable style. Accompanied by a meticulously devised marketing strategy flawlessly executed, Dermal Hub is unapologetically stepping out from being Melbourne's best-kept secret.

The amalgamation of a revitalized digital presence and a well-executed marketing approach has catapulted Dermal Hub into the limelight, expanding their reach and influence in the industry. Their journey serves as a testament to the power of strategic digital development, propelling them forward with unwavering confidence and success.

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dermal hub case study

Full scale strategy

DV Cider embarked on its digital journey with minimal online presence and an outdated website. Being a first-generation family business, they took pride in producing some of Australia's finest Apple Ciders at their apple orchard in the picturesque Macedon Ranges. To harness the true potential of their business, they delved deep into understanding their business model and conducted thorough business analysis. With a visionary approach, they spearheaded the team in devising an integrated marketing strategy.

The turning point came with a new website development and a complete rebranding effort. These crucial steps elevated their digital strategy, aligning it perfectly with their business objectives. The result was a finely-tuned digital approach that catered to their specific needs.

Today, DV Cider stands tall with a formidable digital presence, sporting a revitalized brand image and a market-leading digital asset. Their dedication to embracing digital transformation has paid off, making them a force to be reckoned with in the cider industry. The combination of strategic planning, website development, and rebranding has unlocked new opportunities and propelled them towards unprecedented success.

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dv cider case study

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My team and I enjoyed working with Lester as he is very knowledgeable with an attention to detail in regards to planning and running our SEO & SEM programs. Lester was also a key leader and contributor to the new design of our e-commerce website and his insights and project management skills made the process very easy for us.

Mark Otley, CEO

Sleep Republic

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We've never understood much about data, but Lester's helped us understand how this can be used effectively to improve our results which has made a big difference for us. He's detailed and has a great ability in understanding our business, like clarifying our objectives, identifying gaps for us to improve, all whilst managing our entire digital strategy.

Andrew Rudge, Managing Director

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